The Following Is Not a Story About My Son and Me Playing Nerf Basketball… and If You Can’t Figure Out What It is About You May Be Part of the Problem

Sometimes my sons and I will invent games to play. Usually these games involve my boys making up the rules as they go to ensure they always have an advantage over me.

Just yesterday my youngest son and I were playing a game with a Nerf hoop and basketball set up in our living room. I had to shoot the ball from the couch. He had to try to block it. I got three points for a make. He got two points for a block and one point for a miss even if he didn’t block it. Fair? Nope. But I’m money at Nerf basketball so I wasn’t worried about it. I thought I might have a chance because in theory I could score points. However, before long he started hit the goal as he tried to block my shot which guaranteed that I couldn’t make it.

I was like: “That’s not fair. You can’t move the hoop. ”

He was like: “You just got to make it.”

I’d shoot. He’d hit the goal.

Eventually I was like: “I don’t want to play like this anymore.”

And he was like: “Then I win.”

It pretty much boiled down to me playing by the rules he set up and changed for his perpetual advantage. If I play by the rules, he wins. If I quit, he wins. I’m happy there was nothing at stake in that game. I mean, right?



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